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Phil has worked in and been associated in the Property-Sales-Management and Development since June 1970 up until 2014. He traded under his original company name Hart and Haley Real Estate. Since 2014, he has owned REMAX Lifestyle Marketing at 229-233 High Street Penrith NSW 2750. Phil has experience in just about every facet of the industry from sales, of established property to land development, to the construction of new homes. He is proud of the many people whose future he has secured from a client viewpoint and through various educational programmes.
Currently, his major goal is to develop his current team into supercharged individuals that will take over the business in the not too distant future. Every member of the team met Phil as a client through his mortgage brokerage business. His invitation to each of them is testimony to his belief in the way they conduct themselves in business and personal lives.

REMAX’s mission statement of “serve, protect, and respect” goes a long way towards Phil’s expectations of his team. Being “old School”, he believes “a person’s word is their bond”. This way of doing business has been weakened over time by state and federal resistance that basically no one is to be trusted, but he reasons, that the way government, at all levels, operate is testimony to why there is so much lack of trust.
Governments are proud of the new legislation each passes or tried to pass in each term of office. Does this mean that the legislation prior was incorrect? Phil, prefers to rely on the simple law of “do no wrong.” Having had a couple of major setbacks in his health over the years, Phil has pushed on with his labours, and thanks to the dedicated people that helped him when he was ill and continue to monitor his progress today.

At 73, Phil sees his role in life and business as being more of a mentor to newcomers in the industry but he is always available to advise and guide. Phil has a wife, Sylvia, (52 years married and still counting), 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He is expecting his first great grandchild soon and when the discussion came around to: “what the child should call him?” he just said, “Tell him or her to just call me “Great”.” Yes, if sense of humour were measured out of a hundred, Phil’s would have to be in the 90s.
He wants his team to enjoy their career in real estate and he tries hard to ensure they do.

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